24 Located In Metro Line In China. The City Was Nanchang

24 Located In Metro Line In China. City Nanchang Became the first subway line of China's Nanchang city opened at the opening. With the first metro line in the city, the number of metro lines in the country rose to 24. Line 26, the first of the five lines planned, was opened in December 2015.
There are even 28,7 units with a total length of 24 km, all of which are underground. While the line was opened during the construction phase, the second line was still under construction and it was connected to some points. The line running from Shuanggang to Qiushui in the south of the city passes under the Ganjiang River.
They are even serving Type B trains produced by CNR by 27 pieces. Type B trains produced by CNR provide movement with electric current 1,5 kV DC. There is also a storage area at both ends of the line.

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