Algeria Metro Expands

Algeria Metro Expanding: Two new agreements have been signed for the Algerian transport network. The cost of an agreement signed by Colas Rail and Kou G C in Algeria will be 117 million Euros. According to the agreement, Colas Rail will conduct the rail works of the line, power supplies, ticket system and line ventilation system.
A total of 117 million euros in total in the amount of 59 million euros will be part Colas Rail. Colas Rail will be responsible for the line between Hai El Badr and Ain Naadja, which will have 3,6 km and 3 units in the south of the city.
The cost of the other agreement is 51 million Euros. Colas Rail will also have an 27 million euro portion of this deal. According to the agreement, the Colas Rail will make an additional line of 1,7 km between Grande Poste and Place des Martyrs. The works in these two agreements are planned to be completed in 2017.

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