Field Car raced to Ilgaz Mountain Ski Center

Ratings rushed to the Ilgaz Mountain Ski Area: Ilgaz Mountain in the important center of winter tourism in Turkey, ran to report the ski area with the semester break.

In winter, there was a large increase in the occupancy rate of the accommodation during the semester. He came to the Ilgaz Mountain Ski Area, where he took his record, and enjoyed the talent. Located in the western Black Sea, within the borders of Çankırı-Kastamonu and preferring Ilgaz Mountain Ski Center, where snow thickness is more than one meter, citizens enjoy skiing and snowboarding and enjoying the holiday. Also, for the first time, citizens who have met with winter sports learn from the trainers the subtleties of skiing.

Due to the completion of the first semester of the academic year, many citizens enjoy the holiday in the ski resorts. Uludağ, Palandöken, as well as with Turkey's famous natural beauty of Ilgaz Mountain ski resorts such as Kartalkaya, is experiencing the most active period nowadays. The hotels in Ilgaz Mountain, which are especially preferred by travelers, are completely full. On the mountain, where snow thickness is more than 1 meters, holidaymakers enjoy the skiing holiday. While the Gendarmerie teams increased their measures due to the intensity in the ski resort, measures were taken in the region in order to prevent the road from being closed to traffic.

With the start of the semester holidays to the family to spend time with the citizens of Ilgaz, but also to provide children with the opportunity to ski as a report card, he said.

The children said that as a report card, their parents took skiers to Ilgaz Mountain and enjoyed their skiing.