Samulaşın capital 20 million pounds were removed

Samulaşın capital 20 million pounds were removed: Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Council meeting of the Commission, the capital of SAMULAŞ Inc. 3 million pounds 20 million pounds of the article adopted by the unanimous vote of referring to the assembly.
Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Council Meeting in January was held in the Assembly Meeting Hall of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, under the chairmanship of the Deputy Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality Turan Çakır. At the first session of the Commission meeting, 30 Agenda item and 1 off-item item were discussed.
While the 31 from the 28 agenda, which was discussed in total, was transferred unanimously from the committees to the parliament, the application for the renting of the shops in the Foreigners Market for 10 years and the application area for the use of an area in the boundaries of the province of İlkadım as a square area was discussed in detail. left to the agenda of the parliament. The reorganization of the area of ​​the Fishery Shelter in Canik district was transferred to the parliament by a majority of votes.
As a result of the meeting of the authorities of SAMULAŞ A.Ş., the heavy maintenance of the existing 16 light rail vehicle vehicle, the supply of spare parts, the maintenance of the stations on the current route, the ongoing maintenance works on the energy and maintenance lines. The existing capital was insufficient due to the payments to be made to 8 light rail vehicles. The issue has been moved to the agenda of the parliament in order to prevent any disruption in the future. SAMULAŞ Inc. The officials were presented to the members of the commission on the issue of removing the current 3 million pounds of capital into 20 million pounds.
Turan Çakır, who made statements on the subject, stated that lam SAMULAŞ A.Ş. A company affiliated with Samsun Metropolitan Municipality. It is also one of the companies that maximizes the perception of our city. About 5 has been serving the people of Samsun for years. Our current line is 14 km. It continues from the junction to the university. Our daily average 50 thousand citizens benefit from this service. If we see this rail system assembly as a steel sheet, Tekkeköy direction is missing one side of the sheet. 10 On October 2016, the contractor will deliver this place to us. Therefore, we had to buy additional things. We had to get trams. 8 was purchased from the domestic production tram. Their manufacturing started. One of them is about 1 million 530 thousand euros. As such, this company also needed capital increase. I hope the 10 October 2016 will be able to reach the 30 by tram every year. The fact that our city will gain such comfort will honor us all as a member of the Metropolitan Municipality Council. We would like to thank everyone who contributed. E Agenda item was passed to the parliament by the council members unanimously.
The articles of the Parliament, Samsun Metropolitan Municipality car rental, the opening of the workplace and the regulation of the regulation of the commission agenda in the agenda kept busy for some time. Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Mayor Turan Cakir said, Büyük 2. We are trying to prevent sales of automobiles. We blocked it as much as we could. But this is rentacar (car rental) under the name 2. they do hand car sales. Or they take rentacar license, rent a car from the front of the shop they are renting out the streets. Rented vehicles can be used for different purposes. Therefore, this also raises security issues in terms of safety. This rentacar job was not so common. The regulation was amended by the Metropolitan Municipality, the Police Department and other district municipalities. After that, these places must be safeguarded from where they rented their vehicles and where they rented their vehicles. Those who do not fulfill these requirements will not be given a license to work. Bu The regulation covering the regulation was unanimously transferred to the parliament from the commission.
The agenda item for the management of Canik Fisherman's Shelter was the only item that was referred to the assembly by the majority of votes from this month's committee. In order for the municipality to take management, the change of the name of the shelter, which should be changed, to ın docking station and berth yönetim was not accepted by some council members. Turan Çakır, the Vice President of the Board, said, Tur There is a problem in terms of management here. We have made many nice fish restaurants and facilities there. It is not possible to compare the old version with the new version. We have also experienced the tender process of this place before. There was no unwanted stuff there. In this sense, we want the management of the rate to be transferred to the Metropolitan Municipality. We want to invest in there. Here we have to change the definition of 'fishing shelter' by changing the plan. We can get the management if we plan the plan as 'berthing place and dock'. This is the goal and purpose of our agenda, Bu he said.
Some members of the council objected to the article on the agenda item with the majority of votes was transferred from the commission to parliament.
30 agenda items discussed in the meeting will be discussed tomorrow at 13.00 the remaining items from the commission meeting.



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