Smuggling in scholarship

Smuggling in Bursaray: A Syrian citizen with a suitcase full of smuggled cigarettes was caught thanks to the attention of a security officer suspected of the behavior of a passenger at Cumalıkızık Station.
In the incident that occurred 10 days ago at the Cumalıkızık Station in the evening; Kemal Turhan, a security guard who suspects the movements of a Syrian national who entered the station with a suitcase in his hand, searched with a detector. In the search, 80 cartons of contraband cigarettes and smuggled goods were found in the suitcase. The police, who came to the scene upon the notification, detained the suspect, while the confiscated smuggled cigarettes and goods were delivered to the Osmangazi District Police Department.
He congratulated and thanked Burulaş General Manager Levent Fidansoy and Osmangazi District Police Chief Ufuk Akan Security Officer Kemal Turhan for their serious, careful and devoted work, aware of their responsibilities. Levent Fidansoy said, “We do not only manage Bursa's transportation network, our priority is to ensure fast and safe travel of passengers within the framework of transportation principles in accordance with laws and norms. We support this with necessary technology, security techniques and continuous training, ”he said.


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