Yıldırım, Bursa-Bilecik Train Line Tender is made in 2016

Yildirim, Bursa-Bilecik Train Line Tender is done at 2016: Transport Minister Binali Yildirim, "Istanbul has a delay in the suburban lines, 2018 opens at the beginning, Bursa-Bilecik Train Line Auction is done at 2016," he said.
Minister Binali Yildirim, UM The number of passengers carried in the airline increased by 10 over the previous year and increased by 181 million. In addition, the number of vehicles passing through bridges and highways has dropped from 150 to 141 million. The reason for this is Marmaray. We have carried 114 million passengers to Marmaray so far. Marmar
Yildirim, "HGS related penalties will not be waited, we will notify each passing of the pass through SMS," he said.
Minister Yıldırım said, leş The liberalization law in the railways has been activated and this year it will be realized. Railroad Signaling and TCDD Transport is divided into 2 company CD.
Binali Yildirim, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, announced that the new train lines will be increased to 2018 3 at 200 with ongoing and new projects.
Minister Yıldırım, in a press conference held at Kule Restaurant, evaluated how 2015 year was spent in transportation and communication, 2016-2019 talked about its goals.
Turkey's unity, togetherness and brotherhood for the protection of xnumx'n last year's Lightning wished to be a better year, "2016 was the last election year. However, progress has been made in many areas regarding the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications. Ancak
”Air traffic increased above 10“
The number of passengers carried on the airline last year, lightning, explaining that amounted to 10 million increase over 181 percent compared to the previous year, especially in the railways with the introduction of new lines, he said the continued increase in passenger transportation.
Railways xnumx't since the current lines reminiscent of renovation work carried out within the scope of the Lightning, "2003 percent above, we see that renewed 80 thousand kilometer road network. These lines 11-50 were not renewable for years and their operation was inconvenient in terms of safety and performance. Therefore, freight transportation has not increased. However, if we look at the 60 for the whole year, we took over the 13 million tons of transport, we reached 13 million tons. There was a double increase, albeit modest, compared to other areas, Diğer he said.
stating that the current line of signal and electrification in the renovation done Lightning, xnumx't to come out to xnumx'y percent share of the total length of electrified lines designated as 2003 percent xnumx't, while in 18 will reach 2015 percent, he said.
Lightning, noting that the proportion of signal lines xnumx't 2003 percent level last year with 23 13 percent stated that this ratio rises xnumx'y percent.
Yildirim said that the high-speed train projects are continuing, bin As of 2015, we have completed and put into service a thousand 213 high speed train line. With our ongoing and new projects we will be able to raise our high-speed line to 2018 3 200 XNUMX XNUMX ım.
”The number of vehicles passing through the bridges with Marmaray decreased kö
Minister Yildirim, despite the increase in traffic in Istanbul with each passing day, the number of vehicles passing through the bridges in 2015 reduced the attention, said:
"The number of motor vehicles in Turkey was based on 8 20 million million, but the number of vehicles passing the bridge fell into 150 141 million million. Marmaray 29 opened in October 2013 and has carried 114 million passengers to date. The population of Istanbul is almost 8. Here is the explanation of the reduction in bridges. If you have enough infrastructure ready, people prefer to public transport instead of their own vehicles and the traffic problem in big cities is reduced in this way. Yeter
Lightning, Çayyolu and Red Crescent-Xinjiang-Batıkent metro lines by specifying the continuation of the traffic problems in Ankara, despite the introduction, he stressed the latest to be opened at the end of this year Kecioren metro line will ease traffic.

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