Bitlis Nemrut Ski Center Awaits Skiers

Bitlis Nemrut Ski Expects Kayaksever on waiting Nimrod Ski kayaksever of Bitlis Tatvan district of 2004 year inaugurated 2 thousand 550 meters long with Turkey represented among the longest runways Nimrod Ski Center, after the heavy snowfall has become the place frequented by visitors .

Tatvan district of Bitlis In the 2004 inaugurated 2 550 thousand meters long with Turkey's longest runways in Nemrut Ski shown after the heavy snowfall has become the place frequented by visitors. Bitlis Governor, Ahmet Cinar, "Our agenda is to become a tourism and tourism from here to return to the tourists from all over the world will come to ski," he said.

While the heavy snowfall in Bitlis and its surrounding areas can be negatively affected by the transportation, the Nemrut Ski Center in Tatvan District is full of professional, amateur and first-time skiers. 2 550 thousand meter runway length which has views of Lake Van Namrut skiers from the ski resort, which is one of Turkey's longest runway for hours experiencing the shift of kef in Nimrod.

Bitlis Governor Ahmet Cinar, Bitlis, 3 ski center, one of them in the city center, but because it is steep for the pros is suitable for professionals, the second is located in Rahva in the Bitlis-Tatvan road in the middle level of those who know how to ski, the third ski resort Nemrut The ski resort stated it was. Governor Çınar stated that there is a suitable ground for everyone from the high to the highest level of this ski resort: kadar We have a strong interest here in the local sense. The surrounding provinces are shown a great demand here. In the past, it is a place where tourists come from, but there is a decrease in the number of outsiders coming from the unrest in our region. Of course we wish. As our agenda turns out to be tourism and become a tourism, tourists from all over the world will come to ski. The tourists coming here will not only ski but also have the opportunity to watch the scenic Vangölü from Nemrut Crater Lake and under our feet. Therefore, we invite everyone to ski to Bitlis. I want to express that they will be happy and enjoy. Our facilities are sufficient to meet our needs. Tesis

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