Train Hitting the Tractor in Belarus Reflected on the Phone Camera (Video)

In Belarus, The Train Hitting The Tractor Reflected On The Phone Camera: In Belarus, the engine of a tractor froze on the train tracks due to the cold. The train in the city continued on its way by breaking the tractor standing in front of it.
The moment when the passenger train, which made the Moscow-Brest expedition in Belarus, hit the tractor standing on the tracks, was reflected in the mobile phone camera.
According to local sources, the driver of the Belarusian MTZ-821 model tractor remained on the rails due to the freezing of the engine due to extreme cold. Drive to the tractor for a long time trying to drive, the train quickly came to see itself threw out. In the meantime, rapidly arriving train on the tracks waiting for the tractor. In a mobile phone camera by one person, the train quickly arrives and hits the tractor. Parts of the tractor are scattered around.



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