President Türel to Request Borrowing Authority for Rail System

📩 07/12/2018 18:24

Mayor Türel Will Require Borrowing Authority for the Rail System: Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Menderes Türel will request authorization from the municipal council for the purchase of vehicles to be used in the 23nd stage rail system, which will open its doors on April 2016, to the EXPO 2 Antalya fairground.
In Antalya, the 18-kilometer 2nd stage rail system work continues in cooperation with the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications and the Metropolitan Municipality. Within the scope of the project, the Ministry undertook the construction of the line and the Metropolitan Municipality undertook the purchase of 18 vehicles to work on the line. The tender for the construction of the line, which will end at the EXPO 2016 fair area in Aksu after connecting it from Meydan to Antalya Airport, was made by Makyol Construction with a bid of 259 million 498 thousand TL. In fact, while the construction works continue, the project is planned to be brought to EXPO 23, which will start on April 2016.
Even the vehicles to work will be purchased by the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality. Metropolitan Municipality held the tender for the purchase of 18 vehicles on 25 August. Hyundai Eurotem Railway Vehicles, which has a 2 percent participation of TCDD, won the tender where 15 companies bid. Metropolitan Municipality signed a contract with the company on 28 September 2015 for 29 million 428 thousand 470 Euros. In the contract, the start date of the work was stated as October 9, and the end date as February 8, 2017. Accordingly, the company will deliver 6 vehicles in the 2-month period until the start of the EXPO in April. After the first delivery, 2 more vehicles will be delivered in 4-month periods. All 2017 vehicles will have been delivered by February 18.
Metropolitan Mayor Menderes Türel will request authorization from the Metropolitan Municipality Council and Iller Bank for two separate borrowings, 39 million Euros and 10 million TL, to be used in the purchase of vehicles. The Assembly will meet at the Antalya Water and Wastewater Administration (ASAT) General Directorate Conference Hall on Friday, January 8, at 14.00:XNUMX to discuss the January agenda, which includes the authority to borrow from Türel.
The 1nd stage, designed as a continuation of the Antalya 2st stage rail system line, will be integrated into the existing line from Meydan station. While it is thought that the project will also play an important role in the planned development of the city to the east, it has been designed to serve public institutions, residential areas, the airport and EXPO 2016 Antalya, which is considered one of the most important recreation areas of the city.
The stops in the 2016nd stage work planned to be 18 kilometers on the Meydan- Airport- EXPO 2 Fairground line, Perge, Barracks, Artillery, Democracy, Cırnık, Altınova, Yenigöl, Sinan, Crossroads- Airport International Lines, Airport Domestic Lines, ANFAŞ, Kurşunlu, Aksu and designated as EXPO 2016. In the project, it is foreseen that approximately 60 percent of the route will be separated from traffic. The line will reach the airport with a branch departing from the 7.6th kilometer of the route. Approximately 18.1 kilometers of the line, which has a total length of 16.9 kilometers, is level, 980 meters are cut and covered and 214 meters are bridge type.

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