Ardahan's Yalnızçam Ski Center Welcomes the Season

Ardahan's Yalnızçam Ski Center Said Hello to the Season: Ardahan's ski resort, Yalnızçam, said "Hello" to the season when the snow thickness reached 90 centimeters.

Ardahan's ski resort, Yalnızçam, said "Hello" to the season when the snow depth reached 90 centimeters. Governor Ahmet Deniz and Mayor Faruk Köksoy opened the season by skiing with skiers under heavy snowfall.

The ski season started with a ceremony, with the snow thickness reaching a sufficient level after heavy rain at the Yalnızçam Ski Center, which is covered with pine trees 13 kilometers away from Ardahan. Governor Ahmet Deniz, Mayor AK Party member Faruk Köksoy, Deputy Governor Muharrem Coşgun, Göle District Governor Zafer Oktay and many ski lovers attended the ceremony. Following the opening ceremony, Governor Deniz and President Köksoy skied on the 800-meter track with skiers under heavy snowfall. Governor Deniz cooked the sausages he cooked with his own hands at the beginning of the barbecue and distributed them to skiers.


Governor Deniz, reminiscent of the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers, stated that the skiing center of Yalnızçam Ski Center was declared:

“We are opening the 2016 ski season in Yalnızçam Ski Center, accompanied by heavy snowfall. We want to train national athletes and national skiers in our ski center, which was declared a tourism region with the decision of the Council of Ministers. Our ski center is a very important value for Ardahan. The nature and snow of our ski center, which is located in the Eastern Anatolia winter corridors, are magnificent. We want everyone to ski in Ardahan. We especially want our children to get used to this sport. We want to make champions here for the next years. I invite all ski lovers to Yalnızçam, whose nature and snow are magnificent. "

Mayor Faruk Köksoy also stated that Yalnızçam Ski Center promises hope in all aspects and said:

“Yalnızçam Ski Center has an important potential in terms of Ardahan's winter tourism. It is very enjoyable to ski in the crystal snow of this place. We should all support the spread of this sport. I especially want people from Ardahan to make use of the winter season by skiing. "