Antalya to Pass the Tram Through the Bridge

Antalya will pass the tram through the bridge: Aksu overpass the bridge is forgotten, answering the claim that the Regional Director of the highway bed due to the change of the project said the tram will pass over the bridge
While the second stage of the rail system in Antalya continues, the claim about where the line will pass in Aksu fell like a bomb. The owner of the Chamber of Civil Engineers Antalya Branch Chairman Cem Oğuz claimed that the second stage of the railway system was attached to the bridge at Aksu. Oguz, "Aksu'a crossroad junction was made in the tram line forgotten" claims to answer the Regional Director of the Highway came from Şenol Altıok.
In such a big project, he explained that there is no possibility of forgetting a detail like a rail system. Altıok, the rail system will take the route at all intersections of the rail system they take into account, the bridge at the bottom of the road in the middle of the bridge between the bridge they have built the bridge, Altınova Junction in the middle area in the middle of the rail system for the space, he said. Altıok stated that the situation in Aksu was due to the project change due to the ground problems. Ina In the first project, the rail system was planned to pass from the north of the road to the north of the road and reach the north of the road before coming to Perge road in Aksu. However, during the implementation of the project, the project was changed because it was thought that there would be ground problems in this rail system line passing over the stream bed passing from Aksu to Tehnelli stream. Geçen Altıok said, d This change was made after the construction of the bridge junction in Aksu. The General Directorate of Infrastructure informed about the project change of the rail system over the existing bridges. Now preparing application projects. Statically, the rail system does not have to go through using a strip of existing bridges St.
Reminiscent of the 3 arrival of the 3-XNUMX junction in Aksu, Şenol Altıok said, geliş The empty sections on the road in the middle lane and at the sides will be included in the road Aks. Altıok, stating that there is a situation like 'forgiveness' as claimed by the IMO, ı Chamber of Civil Engineers, the Directorate of Highways should be able to contact very easily. It is more appropriate for them to communicate with us about the issues concerning our projects en.
The statement made the President of IMO Cem Oguz did not convince. Oghuz said that the separation of the line for the rail system will not be correct on the bridge interchange. Oğuz said,, If the road will be narrowed, then the bridge junction will not have any meaning. Most precisely, the project was the opening of the bridge between the bridges for the rail system üler he said.


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