Antalya 2. unknown details of the phase rail system line

Antalya 2. unknown details of the stage rail system line: The unknown details of the second stage rail system line, which is under construction in Antalya, has emerged. The project includes 15 stall, 5 bridge and 2 viaduct. 7 thousand passengers per hour in the first year
The second stage of rail system in Antalya continues. Ministry of Transport General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments shared the details of the project. The General Directorate has also raised the questions of whether the rail system reaches the EXPO 2016. According to the tender specifications, the 2016 is expected to be completed by December and the project is planned to be opened on 2016 April 23 which will open the doors of EXPO 2016.
The 18.4 station and pedestrian overpass as well as the 15 bridge and 5 viaduct will be implemented in the 2 kilometer line length with the airport connection. There will be 6 pedestrian overpass on the line, respectively, at the Kırnık, Yenigöl, Sinan, Kavşak, Kursunlu and EXPO stations. Approximately 60 of the route in the project is planned to leave the traffic. The line that will go down underground at the Democracy Interchange, will continue at the 300 meter section underground. The line, which will not go underground except for the Intersection of Democracy, will continue through the viaduct at the airport junction.
The most striking part of the project is located at the airport junction. As the viaducts begin to form, one of the most striking elements will be the stations. Antalya Airport will be built on domestic and international routes will be worthy of the image of Antalya's tourism capital.
When the second stage project is completed, 17 will be reached to the airport from the square, and the airport to the airport can be reached in 37 minutes. The last stop will be the EXPO 2016 area. In the EXPO area, you will be able to reach 13 from the airport, 25 from the square and 45 from the bus station. The system is expected to have 2016 bin at 7 per year for 2020, 7 thousand 900 passengers per hour at 2030 and 10 for 300 passengers per hour in XNUMX.
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