Bursa terminal tram line will pass through the middle median and Istanbul Street will be decorated with bridges like choker

Bursa terminal tram line will pass through the middle median and Istanbul Street will be decorated with bridges like the necklace. If we leave aside the nostalgic tram line that runs on Cumhuriyet Avenue and goes to Incirli, the Silkworm ringing between the Statue and the City Square cannot reach the required speed.
The Silkworm, which has to take the road between the wheeled vehicles in the street, has to wait or wait for the crossing of the streets at many points.
This problem will not be on the Istanbul Caddesi line, which is under construction as T2.
Recep Altepe, the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, which we hosted in every aspect of the event television, explained why it would not happen:
Iyor This line does not look like the currently running T1 line. The biggest difference is that we use the middle median of the road here. We will provide both round trip and return. İki
He underlined:
Ön We organize the crossroads in front of the City Square. Apart from that, the tram runs to the Terminal without interruption. It will not intersect in any way. Hiçbir
He gave the following information:
Or Buttim Junction is over. We have a different project in Beşyol. Beş
At this point…
Edi The work we conducted as a 30 meter road was part of the western part of Istanbul Road and we named the Çelebi Mehmet Bulvarı man and made this remembrance:
Ig We will call Murat Hüdavendigar Boulevard, the second phase to the east of the road and coming up to Gökdere. “
Then he explained:
“We will connect these two boulevards with the bridge overhead. The two new boulevards will cross over Istanbul Street and unite and will not cut traffic. İki
He stressed:
Ecek It will make the Istanbul Caddesi tramway faster. As the tram will run at higher speed, it will carry more passengers and solve the transportation problem of the region. Tram
At this point ambitious:
Gelen Istanbul Street will be visited by bridges like the necklaces of the city. It will be noticed that you are entering a world city. Bir

Source: Ahmet Emin YILMAZ - I www.ahmeteminyilmaz.co

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