Concerns About the Third Airport

3. Airport
3. Airport

Due to the insufficient capacity of Atatürk Airport, on 13 August 2012, the Council of Ministers decided on the region where the new airport will be located.

The name of Istanbul Regional 3rd Airport is the name given by the Ministry of Transport to the project. Although the official name of the airport is not yet known, Pilot Vecihi Hürkuş has been proposed to be given to the airport.
With the completion of the project in 2018, it is expected to pass the Atlanta International Airport, which serves 94 million passengers annually, to become the airport with the highest passenger capacity in the world.

Construction process

Work on the airport is ongoing. The construction process will consist of 3 stage:

1. Phase (latest 42 will enter service after month)

  • 2 pieces independent parallel runway (3750m60m)
  • 1 Piece Cross Runway (3750m60m)
  • 3 pieces of parallel taksirut (3750m45m)
  • High speed and connection cabs
  • apron
  • Terminal building
  • Air traffic
  • Communication and meterology systems
  • other service buildings and systems

2. Stage

  • 1 independent runway (3750m)60m)
  • 1 pieces of parallel taksirut (3750m45m)

3. Stage

  • 1 units independent runway (3750m) to Tayakadın-Yeniköy side60m)
  • 1 pieces of parallel taksirut (3750m45m)
  • To the south of the existing settlement 1 pieces cross tracks (3750m60m)
  • 1 pieces of parallel taximeter (3750m * 45m)

3. 2 bin truck at the airport construction site, the 400 work machine is working continuously. On the one hand, while the construction works are going on, on the other hand the design details become clear.

Work continues at an intense pace for the Istanbul New Airport Project, which will be the world's largest aviation center in terms of passenger capacity. The mega-project, which has been commented on that it will come after five months of political uncertainty, continues without fail. Work has gained pace for the airport, which passengers are eagerly awaiting with the stakeholders of the world aviation industry. Within the scope of the first phase of the project, which has a total of 4 phases, ground correction, excavation and superstructure construction works are continuing.

While the intensive work of more than 1.800 excavation trucks is observed in dozens of construction sites established within the scope of the project, 1 million 200 thousand cubic meters of soil movement is carried out daily at the construction site. In the first phase of the airport, three independent parallel runways, taxiways, apron, terminal building, air traffic, communication and meteorology systems and other service buildings will be implemented. A total of 898 employees work in the project with 8 white collars and 468 blue collars.

10 billion euro investment

The first phase of the project, which is expected to cost 10 billion 247 million euros, is expected to become operational in the first quarter of 2018. The operating company İGA provided 6 billion euros from 4.5 banks.

The airport, which is planned to have 3.500 landing-take-off capacity per day, will fly to nearly 400 destinations in total. The project will be the aviation center of the world.
The largest terminal

The main passenger terminal building will be the largest terminal building in the world under a single roof, with 1,3 million square meters. In this terminal, it is aimed to serve 90 million passengers annually in the first place. Annual passenger capacity will reach 2028 million in 150. Large-bodied aircraft that cannot be landed at existing airports will also be able to land at New Airport.

Who won the airport tender?

The tender, Cengiz-Limak-Kolin-Mapa-Kalyon Joint Venture Group, won 25 billion 22 million Euros for the annual rent of 152.

Istanbul New Airport how much will it cost?

Istanbul 3. The approximate investment value of the airport is announced as 9 billion 500 million dollars. A total of 10 billion 247 million Euro investment stage will be made for Istanbul New Airport and passenger services will be opened stage by stage.

3. Where's the airport?

The third airport is located on an 80 million square meter area between Yeniköy and Akpınar villages on the European side of the Black Sea in Istanbul. The new airport will be the world's largest airport.

3. How to get to the airport?

The high-speed train will end at the transfer station at the airport. In addition, the transfer station will include the Airport Subway, the rail system that provides the third pass through the Bosphorus, HavaRay, bus lines connecting the city center and the car park.

Taksim - 3. How many minutes will be from the airport?

The new airport will be connected to Taksim by rail. This rail system will pass through the route of the old railway line. Transportation will be provided from all regions of Istanbul through public transportation. The airport will be reached in 15 minutes from Taksim.

When will the first phase of the New Airport end?

3. In the 42 month, the first phase of the airport will be launched in the winter 2016 (2016 end of October) IATA flight tariff period. In the first stage; 2 pcs independent parallel runway (3750m x 60m), 1 pcs cross runway (3750m x 60m), 3 pcs (3750m x 45m), high speed and connection cabins, apron, terminal building, air traffic, communication and other service buildings will be implemented. The project will be constructed in four phases.

3. When will the construction of the airport end?

Istanbul's 3. The airport is planned to be completed by the end of 2018.

How will Istanbul New Airport be?

Istanbul 76 spread over a total area of ​​3 million square meters. Within the scope of Airport Project; 6 pieces of independent runway, 4 pieces apron and 16 pieces of taxiway, total of 1,5 million square meters closed area 4 domestic and international terminal buildings, each with 85 meter height 3 units of Technical Block and Air Traffic Control Tower and 8 pieces of Apron Surveillance Tower, DHMI service building and all other facilities required for the airport (fire brigade, construction machinery and auto garage, safety building, regulator building, power center, heat center, water tank, customs building) will be made.

3. What is the capacity of the airport?

Within the scope of the project, 52 million 210 million square meter application construction area will be excavated and filling works of 939 million cubic meters. Istanbul 3. Once the Airport Project is completed, the 165 passenger boarding bridge will have an annual 500 Million passenger capacity with an 150 aircraft capacity.

At the airport, the 1,5 passenger terminal boarding terminal, 165 control tower, 3 terminal building, 4 independent runway, 6 taxiway and 16 airplane will be equipped with 500 million square meter terminal area.

3. How was the airport designed?

It will be established on a total area of ​​5 thousand 7 hectares with a size of 3 km x 500 km. Connected with the airport 1.100

hectares of high-tech industry and commerce will be found. Flight paths will be positioned to minimize noise. The terminal building was designed as a green building.

3. How will the airport be illuminated?

The use of glass envelopes will reduce the need for artificial lighting by providing maximum daylight entry in the middle of the terminal building. The terminal building will be the 'smart building' that uses maximum to minimize electricity use.

3. How will the airport be heated?

Electricity and heating needs will be met by the central heating and power generation unit using most of the garbage produced by the airport.

3. What are the most important facilities of the airport?

The airport will have an important facility in 5; terminal building, runways, transfer station, repair facilities and hangars and air transport facilities.

3. How many mezzanine floors will be found at the airport?

A 350-storey building with a floor area of ​​1.500 mx 6 m, as well as 4 terminals, including a low level of arrival and a second level of ventilation, will be found for the use of authorities and management.

Will there be a shopping center at the third airport?

There will be a large shopping facility, 3 star hotels on the upper 5 floors, commercial office buildings, a trade fair area. A 'special economic zone' will be established for international finance and business transactions.

Third Airport meets international aviation standards?

It will be designed in a streamlined way to minimize wind speed. The outer tissue will be covered with galvanic tissue, which will serve as the solar collector.

There will be a total of 3,5 runways, including 4 runways parallel to the Black Sea and 4 runways extending perpendicular to the Black Sea, suitable for the landings and departures of the jumbo-jets of the airport.

Flight routes will be positioned in a way to prevent flying over the proposed city.

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