Snow thickness in Uludag exceeded 2 meter (Photo Gallery)

In Uludağ, the thickness of the snow exceeded 2 meters: In Uludağ, which was active with the semester break, the snow thickness reached 205 centimeters.

In Uludağ, one of the important centers of winter tourism, the snow thickness has exceeded 2 meters. Last night in Uludağ, where the occupancy rate in hotels reached 100 percent due to the semester break, the air temperature dropped below zero to 16 degrees last night.

In Uludağ, where the ice pieces that hide from the eaves in the region of the hotels pose a danger, snowfall is expected to continue at intervals tomorrow.

The teams affiliated to the 14th Regional Directorate of Highways do not allow the vehicles without a gendarmerie snow tire to go and land in Uludağ, despite the risk of icing on the road to Uludağ.

Approximately 30 people work in the winter season in Uludağ with a capacity of 6 beds, where approximately 500 hotels and businesses are located.