London is preparing for a new subway strike

London is preparing for a new subway strike: In London, London, the capital's subway train operators are preparing to strike for three days to protest the city's subway service, plans to raise the 24 clock on Friday and Saturday.
The BBC said they had seen some documents belonging to the British Mechanic Union Aslef and that the union had learned that they planned to strike in the 27 January and 15-17 February.
Officials from the London Underground said that Aslef had 'made difficult money demands' and threatened to strike again to get what he wanted.
From September last year in London, planned to be open on Fridays and Saturday nights, but a series of protests by the mechanic caused the plans to be postponed.
Ros We are really sorry about the inconvenience caused by the strike, olacağı the BBC said in Aslef's document. Olacağı The senior executives of the London Underground have left us no choice, le he said.
Aslef does not oppose the 24 watch subway service, and they are looking at the recruitment of new part-time personnel to provide this service, but they will not tolerate the deterioration of working conditions and the acceptance of contracts that do not guarantee working hours over a period of time. As
One of the biggest supporters of the 24 hour subway project, London Mayor Boris Johnson said it was Belediye unbelievable gre that the union was considering re-strike.
“We offered really good conditions for union members who will provide night subway service. "They rejected these offers without even asking their members."

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