Istanbul Traffic Coming Projects to Relieve

Projects to Relieve Istanbul Traffic Coming: Istanbul, the area of ​​traffic relief work has been going on for a long time, a new project is constantly being signed. Now 660 3 tunnel cost of $ 13 is done thanks to tunnels. construction may take longer.
Traffic will relax!
Istanbul, Turkey's most populous separate traffic problems because of the province yaşamaktadır.özellikl the holiday months came when in traffic for hours stranded kalıyorsunuz.b therefore major projects in order to ease traffic at the governor's side tunnel that will gerçekleştirilmektedir.yapıl is usually done as a shortcut the path that leads to intense traffic. From Dolmabahçe to Fulya, there will be a tunnel with 2 km length. 4 reaches km length when included in links.
Connected with 3 Tunnel
Since the tunnels will be made to be completely relaxed, the traffic is mostly focused on how the traffic is relieved, so there will be no connection to the tunnels and traffic will not cause any traffic jams will be the only point of entry and exit points. If he uses the 13 kilometer-long tunnel without stopping until he reaches the desired location in a very short time.
2018 Will Be Ready In
Although the tunnels between Dolmabahçe-Fulya, Fulya-Levazım and Levazım-Armutlu are not exactly determined, they will be ready and ready for use in 2018.
Another Project That Will Relax A Traffic
By making tramway to the mobile bus station, the use of public transportation vehicles will be increased and people will not only save on transportation but also get rid of the problem of traffic in the trams. Now the tram line will be easily reachable by the tram line. The 10 will be a mile long. The cost is 492 million and it is expected to be ready in 2020. There will be no need for these projects.

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