Semester density at Kartalkaya Ski Center

The intensity of the semester at Kartalkaya Ski Center: Kartalkaya, the ski resort of Bolu, was flooded by vacationers with the semester break. Ski enthusiasts skied and snowboarded at the ski center where the snow thickness exceeds 2.5 meters.

Kartalkaya, at an altitude of 2 altitudes on the summit of the Köroğlu Mountains, is experiencing the busiest period of the season with the schools being a holiday. Due to the semester break, the hotels offering 200, 3, 4-day packages to their customers are completely full. There is no space left in the closed and open car parks of the hotels with a total capacity of 5 thousand beds. Some vacationers parked their cars on the roadside at the entrance of the ski resort. The density of vehicles and vacationers in Kartalkaya was also reflected in the photographs taken by drone.

Holidaymakers, was slipping in and enjoy the ski resort with the longest runway in Turkey. Some of the holidaymakers who climbed to the summits of the Köroğlu Mountains with the chairlifts skied with the enchanting view of the giant pine trees covered with snow, and some experienced the excitement of snowboarding.

Grand Kartal Hotel General Manager Emir Aras said that Kartalkaya has reached the highest profit level in the last 10 years. Stating that the snow thickness has reached 2.5 meters, Aras said, “As of today, we are experiencing our busiest period. We sold all our rooms. There is no room in the hotel right now. The situation is the same in all hotels. "We think this intensity will continue throughout the semester break," he said.