44 has been paid to the annual railroad

The 44-year-old railroad was deemed to be loyal: In the honor of Zeynel Ercivan, who has served in various positions at TCDD for many years, who was the last Traffic Department Head of Traffic Management, and who retired from the age limit in 2015, the staff of the Traffic Department in Ankara Kule Restaurant dine in honor of Zeynel Ercivan. held a meeting.
Mehmet Uras, Head of the Traffic Department, thanked for his service and the staff on his behalf and wished that he could lead a healthy life.


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  1. Railroaders are competent, devoted, and obedient personnel who love the institution and work very much. Mr. Zeynel is an example to everyone with his experience, talent and achievements. It was appropriate for his apartment to give a "farewell dinner". This meal should be made for every retired person. Mr. Zeynel will rest as retired and make use of his time with the veterans whose spirit remains young. Mr. Zeynel has the performance to work efficiently for 30 years in the market. For some reason, TCDD officials do not remember, motivate, even most of the retirees who gave their lives to the institution He does not even thank for his efforts and achievements. For this reason, when the top officials of the institution leave the institution, no one will ask them to call them. Even retired top management staff cannot visit the institution again because they are "wrong".