3. the bridge will save these districts

  1. The bridge will save these districts: 3 remaining for a short time to complete. The Bosphorus Bridge has already begun to provide the districts on its route.
    The work on the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, which is expected to be a solution to Istanbul's traffic sufferings, continues at full speed. The 3 Bosphorus Bridge, which will be opened in April, has already begun to mobilize real estate prices in the region. 3. Work on the Bosphorus Bridge is now close to the end. Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, which was built between the Poyrazköy district of Beykoz and Garipçe village of Sarıyer, has already activated the real estate prices on the route. Prices in both districts are beginning to increase, with the introduction of the bridge is expected to continue the rise. The real estate market in Beykoz and Sarıyer on the route of Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge is as follows:
    In Beykoz, where the foot of Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge is located on the Anatolian side of Istanbul, house and land prices have already started to rise. The average square meter prices of apartments for sale are in the county where 1500 TL is located, and the unit price per square meter is 8 -10 thousand euros. Beykoz is the target of investors due to the large number of 2B land, especially the land in Karlıtepe attracts great attention.
    The pillar on the European side of the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge is in Garipçe village of Sarıyer. In Sarıyer, one of the oldest and most expensive places in Istanbul, the prices rose even more with the effect of the bridge. Square meters in the vicinity of Kemerburgaz and Göktürk are in the 4000 - 4500 TL levels. The prices of the lands in Sarıyer are around 10 thousand dollars as the unit price per square meter. Sarıyer is home to 3.Köprü, as well as being close to the 3-Airport, making it one of the most demanding places in the coming years.
    Zekeriyaköy is one of the places where the connection roads of the bridge will pass. Particularly, the interest of the upper segment investors is increasing day by day. In Zekeriyaköy, the land squares are around 3-1500 dollars, while housing prices vary from 2000 to thousand TL and from 700 to millions of dollars.
    Kağıthane is located at the intersection point of both 3.Köprü and 3. Housing prices in 350 thousand liras and 2 million 500 thousand pounds in the district where the price of land in the 7 - 8 thousand dollars level. Especially the new projects on the Cendere road instead of the old factory buildings are very popular.
    The last exit point of the 3.Köprü is on the Anatolian side of Çekmeköy. In addition to the connection roads of Çekmeköy-Sancaktepe, which is one of the recently developing areas of Istanbul, 3.Köprü will be reached by metro in the middle of 2016. The housing prices in the region, which will be highly developed in terms of transportation, vary between 250 and thousand TL and 4 million liras. In the first months of 2016, the prices will be eliminated with the 3.Köprü and Üsküdar-Sancaktepe subway and the prices have increased in Sancaktepe. The prices in the district where the square meter prices are at the level of 2500-3000 dollars, the prices in the housing projects start from 200 million liras and are up to 1,5 million pounds.
    3 near the end of the work. One of the points that the bridge will affect the real estate prices is Başakşehir - Kayaşehir region. Prices of connection roads began to increase in the region of the last speed of construction. 3-4 square meters of land in Başakşehir starts from a thousand dollars, the prices of housing projects in the region 200 thousand pounds 2,5 million pounds varies.

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