Mountaineers Rescued 2 Dogs About to Freeze in Uludağ

Mountaineers Rescued 2 Dogs About to Freeze in Uludağ: Bursa Search and Rescue Sports Club Association (BAKUT) members carried the two dogs they found to freeze on the way back after their winter training in Uludağ 7 kilometers, and then to the area where they camped, then Hotels Brought to the region.

The team, consisting of 2 members of BAKUT, who went up to 100 thousand 18 meters to do winter training in Uludağ over the weekend, received trainings such as trail tracking and survival in the camp they set up in the Mining Region. The climbers, who spent the night at 7 degrees below zero, set out for the Little Summit, which was 2 thousand 586 meters the next morning. During the walk that started in the morning, the BAKUT team, who had to return after a sudden snowfall and type, changed their way on the sounds of dogs from different regions. The team met 2 dogs found to freeze. Mountaineers, who worked for a while to warm the animals, then took the dogs on their laps and took them to the camping area 7 kilometers away. The BAKUT members who fed the dogs here left the animals to the Hotels Region. BAKUT members shared their activities and their transportation of the two dogs they found to freeze from the social networking site.

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