Tender Announcement: Turbo Compressor Maintenance Repair Revision Will Be Performed (TÜLOMSAŞ)

Turkey Locomotive and Engine Industry Inc.
Turbo Compressor Maintenance Overhaul Revision
Article 1 - Information on the Administration
1.1. The Administration;
a) Name: The contractor, Turkey Locomotive and Engine Industry Inc.
b) Address: Ahmet Poultry Avenue 26490 ESKİŞEHİR / TURKEY
c) Phone number: + 90 222 224 00 00 (5910-5915)
ç) Fax number: + 90 222 225 99 56 (Marketing) - + 90 222 225 72 72 (Head Office)
d) e-mail address: tulomsas@tulomsas.com.tr
e) Name and surname of the personnel concerned: Metin DÜLGER
1.2. Bidders may contact the relevant personnel by contacting the personnel on the above address and numbers.
can provide.
Article 2- Information on the subject of the tender
2.1. The service of the tender subject;
a) Name: GM33000-16E645C type of DE 3 locomotives in Tülomsaş, maintenance, repair and overhaul
turbochargers used in diesel engines with 768.000 km maintenance, repair, overhaul, renovation work
related service procurement.
b) If any code:
c) Quantity and type: 24 pieces turbo compressor
d) Place of delivery: For domestic tenderers: TÜLOMSAŞ Department of Materials / ESKİŞEHİR
d) Other information about the purchase (if any):
Place of work: The work subject to the tender shall be subject to maintenance, revision, renewal or
AAR will be carried out at the factory about manufacturing.
Article 3-Tender and deadline for submission of tenders and deadlines
3.1. a) Tender registration number: 2016 / 2063
b) Tender procedure: Open Tender
c) the address for submission of proposals: The contractor General Directorate Ahmet Poultry Avenue 26490 Eskisehir / TURKEY
d) address of procurement: The contractor General Directorate Ahmet Poultry Avenue 26490 Eskisehir / TURKEY
Eskişehir / TURKEY
d) Date of submission (deadline): 04 / 02 / 2016
e) Tender (deadline) hour: 14.00
f) Tender commission meeting place: TÜLOMSAŞ Tender Commission Meeting Hall

bid specification
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