Corum - Merzifon Railway Project Survey, project tender bid was requested from the companies that won the pre-selection

TCDD Çorum - Merzifon Railway Project 09 was asked to bid from the winners of the preliminary selection of the survey, project and engineering tender until February 2016
The pre-selection evaluation of at Çorum - Merzifon Railway Surveying, Design, Engineering and Consultancy Genel tender was completed by the General Directorate of Turkish State Railways (TCDD) on 30.
Investments MagazineAccording to the information; The winners of the tender were asked to bid on 09 February 2016 until 14.30. Here is the full list of companies that won the pre-selection of the tender:
1. Altinok Consultancy
2. Botek Inc.
3. Erka - As Project
4. Engineering
5. Engineering
6. Protek Project - Mega Engineering
7. Tekfen Engineering
8. Contact Tümaş directly
9. Contact Yüksel directly
10. Yüksel Project
Other companies that applied for pre-selection for the tender were as follows:
1. Contact Emay directly
2. Erbil Project
3. Prota Engineering
4. Su Yapı Engineering - KMG Project
5. Temat Inc. - İnpro Mühendislik
6. Temelsu Engineering
7. UBM Inc.
Reference: Investments 1252 / 05 October 2015 (AP)

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