Food wagons disappear in the new period

Food Wagons Disappear in the New Era: At the Demard Headquarters, the meeting was held at the meeting held with the Chairman of the Branch, the Heads of All Branches and the managers of the Headquarters;

1. Discussion about the food and breakfast packages;

  • It is expected that the food distribution agreement between the institution and the food company will be made on the date of 24.12.2015. It is recommended by the authority authorities that 3-4 is used as an extension.

The result of the tender to be made from the date of 15.01.2016;


- White cheese, cheddar cheese will be given as 75 grams and pasteurized.

- Black and Green olives packages will be vacuumed.

- Breakfast will be increased over time.


-Pastor dinner delivery is planned to be made from the date of 15.1.2016. It is planned to be implemented in pilot regions as the food covers the cold air chain and as the pilot regions are planned to be Eskişehir, Hasanbey, Ankara, Kayseri, Irmak. In the course of time, consumption consumption statistics will be increased and if it is appreciated, a cold air facility will be established in all distribution locations.

- Since the wagons will be removed from trains by 01.01.2016 in the new period, this service will not be used until the new tender is made.

As the 2.Psecotechnical Directive is in the signature phase, the result of the TCDD Board of Directors meeting is expected.

3.Demand by the General Directorate of Rail Regulatory Regulations prepared by the workshop on the Train Engineer Regulation will identify the missing and changing items will be made at the headquarters.

Interviews with the authorized union attending the Science Board regarding the service increase are followed by the Headquarters.

5.In order to be done in the grouping work done 3 group fall study;

-Machinists 2 Group is located on the ceiling of the group 1.Authorized union with the union and interviews with the Headquarters made by the Headquarters process is followed.

6.It is followed by the Headquarters of the Article concerning the transition of the Workers of the Machine to the civil service (ITEM).

The 7.2016 year course program is available. We wish success to our staff to attend the courses.

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