Winterfest 2015 was introduced in Ankara

Winterfest 2015 was introduced in Ankara: “Winterfest Erzurum 2015” organized by Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality will be held in Palandöken Ski Center between 18-20 December.

Due to the “Winterfest Erzurum 2015” festival, a promotional program was organized in Genclik Park.

Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mehmet Sekmen stated in his statement that Erzurum is the center of winter sports and they aim to raise awareness in this regard.

Sekmen said, “The most important ski centers, Palandöken-Konaklı Ski Centers are in Erzurum. It is also easy to reach, very close to the city. It is our duty to introduce such a ski resort, to invite people here. I believe it will be a much more magnificent festival than last year. There will be cultural, artistic and sports events at the festival. ”

AK Party Erzurum Deputy İbrahim Aydemir also said that in Erzurum previously the snow was perceived as persecution, but the AK Party's actions turned into a blessing in Erzurum.

Stating that Erzurum came to the fore both nationally and internationally after the 2011 Olympic Games, Aydemir said, “When it comes to Erzurum, two features stand out, companionship and Palandöken. Now Palandöken has gone one step further. This will also have economic implications for Erzurum. ”

Mustafa Ilıcalı, Erzurum Deputy of Erzurum, suggested that Erzurum's potential for winter tourism is nowhere else in the world.

"Our goal is to make Erzurum the city to host the 2022 Winter Olympics," said AK Party Erzurum Deputy Zehra Taşkesenlioğlu. We are actually the most beautiful snow city in the world. We are also a heart city. When the coldness of our wife is combined with the love of our heart, we can have an unforgettable holiday for people. ”

Participants, Erzurum folk songs accompanied by halay event, tea and kadayif dolmasi were served.

Within the scope of the event, a snow globe was established in Genclik Park. Citizens participating in the promotion took a souvenir photo under artificial snow in the snow globe.

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