Prices before the Üsküdar-Sancaktepe subway flew home

Prices before the Üsküdar-Sancaktepe subway flew home: Üsküdar-Sancaktepe metro 2016 was expected to open in the middle of the year, while the house prices have doubled.

While the Üsküdar-Sancaktepe metro is expected to open in mid-2016, house prices have doubled in the region.

Public transport in Istanbul facilitates the traffic problem. Railways such as Tram, Metro and Marmaray directly affect house prices.

Inc. Industrial Development Bank of Turkey (TSKB) Property Valuation Administration and Business Development Director Libby's mind, has announced the results of the report on the impact of the housing market rail system.

Özge Aklar stated that the public transportation vehicles working with the rail spring system serving Istanbul increased the house prices. He stated that even the rail system, which is still under construction, has significantly increased housing prices.

It is the first metro of the Anatolian side in 2012. Kadıköy - Kartal line reminded that the residences in the region increased their prices by up to 40%.

Özge Aklar in his statement on the subject ”Before the Üsküdar-Sancaktepe metro was opened, an increase of up to 100 percent in residences was observed in Sancaktepe, which became a preferred area for branded housing developers. Apartment prices, which are around 1.500- 2.000 lira per square meter, are now in the unit price range of 3.000-4.000 lira. Due to the low prices in the region, the first price increases were realized at high rates and the increase in prices is expected to continue due to the reasons that transportation is supported by the metro line. ”

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