The date for Kanal Istanbul has been determined

For Kanal Istanbul, the date has been determined. 64. The first project of the giant project in the Action Plan will be shot in the summer of 2016.

Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu announced 64. Kanal Istanbul project, which is included in the Action Plan, is launched in the summer of 2016. The first digging in the project, where the planning works continue, is hit in the summer of 2016. In this context, some legal arrangements will be realized. 15 will be located on both sides of the new channel of 500 thousand people, where a billion dollar investment will be made. The Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, the Housing Development Administration (TOKI) and the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality are continuing their activities. 500 are planning a new city with a thousand inhabitants. I suppose he'il be back in the coming year. Project planning, planning and land production. I believe that construction work will begin after next summer. Some legal changes are needed. There is no clear problem, Yeri he said.

Silhouette will be the main subject of the project, which will carry the traces of Seljuk and Ottoman architecture in the project will not be a high-rise housing. While the 5 + 1 floor boundary is planned, the channel that will start from the Black Sea has a total of 43 kilometers. Project's Republic 100. It is aimed to be cultivated up to 2023. In the two-part project, the city and the surrounding city will be positioned separately. Kanal İstanbul has also prepared urban design projects. Congress, festival, fair, hotel and sports facilities are planned to be put into operation together with Kanal Istanbul. Kanal Istanbul Project will start from Kucukcekmece Lake and connect to the Black Sea. The depth of the channel will be the 25 meter. While the channel is constructed in such a way that large ships can pass through, TOKI will play an active role in the process.


While the General Directorate of Highways is planning to make 4 bridges, the number of bridges will be up to six with the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality's (IMM) plan. It also comes standard for reinforcement areas. There will be a conference, university area, tourism and trade centers. In addition to the Villa type construction, there is no floor limit for 5 + 1 in business centers. It is calculated that the cost of Canal Istanbul with integrated projects will find 50 billion dollars.

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