TCDD 3. Safety Management System in Railways

Safety Management System on Railways was addressed: State Railways (TCDD) 3. The Regional Directorate brought together representatives of the non-governmental organizations to exchange views on the “Railway Safety Regulation araya published by the General Directorate of Rail Regulation last month. TCDD 3. Regional Director Murat Bakır stated that they plan to handle the Safety Management System with a workshop and panel, and said that they want to act in cooperation with non-governmental organizations in the process of discussing the problems and solutions.

TCDD 3 meeting at TCDD Cultural Complex in Alsancak. Regional Manager Murat Bakır, TCDD 3. Regional Safety Management System (IMS) Manager Ergun Yurtcu and EYS Specialist Ayhan Dikmen, members of the non-governmental organizations serving in the railways sector and union representatives attended. During the meeting, Özden Polat and 3. Regional Coordinator Şakir Kaya represented.

TCDD 3, which indicates that security has come forward with the increase in speed in transportation. Regional Director Murat Bakır stated that they aim to organize a workshop on the Railway Safety Regulation prepared by the General Directorate of Railway Regulation in İzmir. Copper, üşt We had recently attracted great interest from the stakeholders of the issue, and the Hemzemin Passage Panel attracted great attention. As a result of these results, 'We joined this panel,' he said. For this reason, we aim to make a panel / workshop on 'Safety in Railroad from the Eyes of Employees' Bu.

Murat Bakır, before the panel they planned to perform, said that they want to organize workshops / panerl for the opinions of the non-governmental organizations and trade unions in which the employees of the railway sector are members. Copper, ıla The opinions you will forward to us will be delivered directly to the authority. Every problem you've identified will be considered and evaluated with every suggestion to solve the problem. For this reason, we want you to participate in the workshop / panel with your presentations or files containing your suggestions. Bu

Support requests are important
Expressing that the number of actors in the sector will increase after the Law on Liberalization of Railways, YOLDER Chairman Özden Polat said ın Developments necessitate a systematic and applicable safety system Demir. Polat, çıkarıl We think that the most important aspect of the Law on the Liberalization of Railways is to reveal the General Directorate of Rail Regulatory Authority as an authority. One of the arrangements made by this general directorate is the authority on certification issues. Bu

Özden Polat said that the panel to be held in the region for the IMS is a very important step. We are very satisfied with the approach of the regional EYS Directorate to the governance phenomenon. Both information and support requests are an important indicator of their approach to the subject. As YOLDER, we will support as much as we can and we will tell our members about it den.

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