Artificial Snowy Skiing for New Year's Eve in Erciyes

Erciyes, the artificial snow skiing Christmas: Erciyes Ski Center in the important winter tourism centers of Turkey, runways due to lack of enough snow was covered with artificial snow.

As part of the winter season, Erciyes Ski Center, which did not receive enough snow, was prepared for the New Year with artificial snow. The snow machines, which were operated in weather conditions that fell 4 degrees below zero at night, ensured that most of the tracks were covered with white cover. Stating that Erciyes is ready for the new year and they are waiting for ski lovers, Erciyes A.Ş. Chairman of the Board of Directors Murat Cahit Cıngı said:

“You may be faced with risks and possibilities that you cannot control in mountain conditions. Therefore, technology makes serious contributions to the ski industry to a certain extent, but after that it depends entirely on whether or not rainfall, as a result of the will of Allah Almighty. Technologically, there is a problem of snowfall in general in our country and in the world until now. We opened our main runways at Tekir Kapı, Hisarcık Kapı and Hacılar Kapı, by doing the maximum we could do so far, with an artificial snow system. Weather conditions are also important for our artificial snow system. The direction of the wind has an effect. You cannot make a profit without seeing minus 4 minus 5 degrees. "


Skiing is not the snow outside of the runways and snow thickness of the 56 centimeter reached Cıngı, said:

“We are generating profits since 15 November. Fortunately, we have opened our main ski runs to ski lovers. There is crushed snow on our 56 cm thick tracks. Ski lovers also talk about the quality of the slopes. There is no snow outside of our tracks. Snow affects the occupancy of our hotels and accommodation facilities. Ski lovers flock to Erciyes close to New Year's Eve. It has a 70 percent occupancy rate now and 100 percent for New Year's Eve. "