Sivas Demirspor Club celebrates its 75th anniversary

Sivas Demirspor Club celebrates its 75th anniversary: ​​TÜDEMSAŞ, which was opened in 1939 under the name of “Sivas Cer Atelesi”, founded Sivas Demirspor Club in 1940 without wasting any time. The aim is to take young people from the streets and bring them to society, to support their body and mind development. Demirspor Club organizes athletes in the Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Wrestling, Athletics, Boxing, Taekwondo branches. In the club, which has the status of a sports school for Sivas, international successes in the field of wrestling are achieved. Young people from Sivas Demirspor return with medals from many competitions.

Who did not wear uniforms in Demirspor, who raised many athletes in Sivasspor and other clubs in the football branch: Black Hayri with a wickedness like cat Cat, the cowboy Lütfi, who wielded the field like the stars of Western films, said when the team did not go well, “Ya Medet Legends such as Medet Saygin, who cheered.

It is possible to see some of the trophies, medals and awards of the Sivas Demirspor Club, which was chaired by TÜDEMSAŞ General Manager and Chairman Yıldıray KOÇARSLAN, in many branches, which has been waving the flag of our country in international competitions.




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