Singapore's Bukit Panjang City Rail System Widened

Singapore's Bukit Panjang City Rail System Widened: Singapore's Bukit Panjang City has added a new rail system line to its transportation network. With the opening with the participation of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Long, 27 was officially launched as of December. The Singaporeans will be able to use the new line for free until the 1 January 2016.

The line from Bugis to Bukit Panjang is 16,6 km long and has 12 stations. 4,3 km of the line is 2013 1 opened in December. Common with the line. Also, it is possible to transfer to other lines at certain points of the line.

Another line currently under construction is planned to be finished in 2017. After the completion of the third line under construction, the line will be extended by a further 21 km. Even 16 units are scheduled to be found.

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