Sarikamis is Ambitious in Winter Tourism

Sarikamis Winter Ambitious Tourism: Kars Sarikamis Cibiltepe Ski Center in the district of Turkey's near future winter tourism with the features they have and take place among the leading winter tourism centers of the Caucasus hedefliyor- Sarikamish Mayor Toksoy: "With Sarıkamış tourism potential and investments 1 Turkey within -2 year and will be the pupil in the Caucasus winter tourism "Huseyin Demirci - Kars Sarıkamış from the new center of winter tourism in Turkey, Turkey's both in this area aims to be the attraction center of the Caucasus. Sarıkamış Cıbıltepe Ski Center, which has an important potential in winter tourism with its 2 slalom, 634 snowboard track, 2 kilometers long, one of which goes down from 100 thousand 12 altitude to 8 thousand 1 altitude, stretching among the yellow pine forests, and the crystal snow quality seen in the Alps, The preparations for the new season were completed with the goal of attracting an increasing number of tourists every year. Despite the fact that the snowfall is not yet at the desired level, Cıbıltepe, which started to host its guests and offer skiing pleasure in the 1st stage region, is expected to enter the new year with the snowfall that will begin to be seen before New Year's Eve according to meteorological predictions.

“Will be the apple of the eye of winter tourism” Sarıkamış Mayor Göksal Toksoy told Anadolu Agency (AA) that Sarıkamış has a very important potential with its historical texture and nature. Stating that modern ski facilities investments have been implemented in order to utilize the winter tourism potential of the city and accommodation opportunities are improving day by day, Toksoy said: “I claim as the Mayor of Sarıkamış; I traveled to Switzerland, Austria, nowhere else in the world has such crystal snow. For Sarıkamış, 1 kilo of profit is worth 1 kilogram of gold. We will contribute to the economy of the region and the economy of the country by evaluating this with projects with the investments we will make. Seeing this potential, entrepreneurs started to invest. In this sense, our Ministry of Culture and Tourism also has support for infrastructure. Sarıkamış tourism potential in 1-2 years and the investments made in Turkey and the Caucasus winter tourism will be the pupil. "

The 2nd stage will be put into service in January, Toksoy stated that the 2nd stage chairlift upper station, which was damaged in the summer fire, will be put into service again soon and the center will enter the new season strongly and said, “All of the mechanical and electronic materials have arrived and are being installed. All work will be completed in about 10 days, ”he said. Stating that Cbıltepe Ski Center will make its name known with events to be organized throughout the season and will offer its guests a lively and entertaining holiday, Toksoy said that in this context, snow festival and international off-road races will be held in January. Toksoy said that this year they have taken measures to prevent situations such as the delay in snowfall from the opening of the season, and that as of next year, an artificial snowing system will be established in the center, and that the low rainy periods will be overcome this way.

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