Target Daily 90 Thousand Passengers in Samsun Tram Line

90 Thousand Passengers in Samsun Tram Line: 5 new tram was ordered in the light rail system, which started to operate about 8 years ago, in the line of Gar-Tekkeköy. The Turkish company who took the tender to make the lighter and cheaper tram said that the Deputy Secretary General Mustafa Yurt, "per vehicle approximately 1 million euros cheaper than we received," he said.

In Samsun, the first light rail system was built between 10.10.2010 and Gar-OMU. The first 17 tram was purchased from the Italian company, and then the 16 was purchased from the Chinese company by the tender procedure. 5 tram on this line running an average daily 21 thousand passengers carrying the Deputy Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality of Mustafa Yurt, 60 thousand voyage of the targets expressed on the voyage.

Giving information about the second line of 14, which is under construction between Gar-Tekkeköy, Yurt said, N Samsun Metropolitan Municipality is a public institution. All procurement works of a public institution are subject to tender legislation. Open tender was held open to domestic and foreign companies. Anyone who has recovered the terms, provided the vehicles before and delivered it and was qualified. The previous procurements were also awarded in accordance with the legislation of the public procurement agency. The new 8 vehicle was auctioned. A Turkish company won the tender. One of the trams we bought in the first place cost about 2.5 million euros. The vehicles we will buy are about 1 million Euros cheaper. Our first vehicle will be delivered in September of 2016. After that we will get a vehicle every month. On Considering the fact that the 21 trolley of the previously purchased 2.5 has received Euro XNUMX, the comments were made on the price of a competitive environment in the auctions. Mayor Yusuf Ziya Yilmaz said in his speech in parliament that the first purchase of a competitive environment and said the trams had been taken into consideration.

Gar-Tekkeköy line saying that the cost of Mustafa 150 thousand pounds abroad, "This line is one of the cheapest rail system made itinerary in Turkey. With our own vehicles, equipment and work machines, we make some productions cheaper than the market. The upper structure of the 86 million pounds were tender, Üst he said. The dormitory said the new trams were 32 meters long, 2,65 meters wide, and that these trams were less lightweight than the 2 tons from the Italian trams.

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