General evaluation of rail transport systems

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General evaluation of rail transport systems: The fast investment projects of railway administration and local administrations, including Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Bursa, Eskisehir, Adana, Kayseri, Konya, Antalya, Samsun and Gaziantep. , Alstom / France, Bombardier / Canada, CAF / Spain, Ansaldo Breda / Italy, Hyundai Rotem / G. Korea, Mitsubishi / Japan, ABB / Switzerland, CSR / China, CNR / China, Skoda / Czech Republic, Garaventa / Austria, Approximately 11 units such as Duewag / Germany and Gotha Waggonbau have been purchased by Fast Rail, Metro, Light Rail (LRT) and Tram. "There is, unfortunately, Turkey suffered the invasion of foreign Rail Vehicles". In addition, spare parts and stock costs of these vehicles cause great wastage due to variety.


ARUS aims to produce domestic and national brand vehicles from design to final product with its industrial members. In this context, we will save our country from the occupation of foreign vehicles by producing our national brands.

2023 pieces of high-speed trains and 90 subways, tram and light rail vehicles, 7000 pieces of diesel locomotives, 350 pieces of electric locomotives, 250 pieces of diesel locomotives, 350 pieces of suburban sets, 500 pieces of freight cars. A minimum of 49,000 billion USD of the tender price including USD 80 billion USD will be allocated to the national economy.

In addition, 2023 billion USD 750 billion 51 billion dollars of total amount of 382 billion USD planned to be awarded until XNUMX in Aviation and Defense, Energy, Transport, Communication, Information Technologies and Health sector will remain in our country. Only the Industrial Cooperation Program (SIP) will solve the current account deficit. In our country, industrial wheels will turn, engineers, workers will work in our national projects, unemployment and current account deficit problems will remain.


In the last 4 year in our country, the length of rail network, passenger and freight transportation and the number of used wagons are examined. As of 2012 Year, 12.800 travels on 70.284.000 railway line, 25.666.000 Ton freight is transported, 12 high speed train and 542 pieces are served. it is given.

As a result of investments made today xnumx't Turkey today from the High Speed ​​Train operating between countries; 2003 in the world. while in Europe, 8. is ranked.

2003 million tons of cargo transport in 15,9, 2013 in the year increased to 26,6 million tons and the increase in the amount of cargo transported by 67. In 2003, the number of passengers with the 77 million reached 2013 with the increase of 40 with 108 in 2013. 86.6 in 912 with suburban trains carried million passengers. The number of city passengers transported by metro, LRT and trams is approximately 2013 million passengers per year. In 4.5, 2023 million passengers were transported with only YHT. For 20, 15 will increase the share of freight transport by rail to XNUMX and XNUMX will be increased to XNUMX.

  • 2023 km high-speed train line up to 10.000 of the total railway network, 4000 km. conventional train line, including the total of 25.940 km.
    2023-2035 3000 km new railway between the year to be added to 29.000 km of the total railway,
    Realization of high speed train connections in 60 provinces with 15 million population,
    Completion of railway industry with high technology infrastructure,
    Increasing domestic production to the highest level and introducing the railway products to the global market,
    Developing smart transportation infrastructure and systems in the city by integrating railways with other public transportation systems,
    Establishment and dissemination of international combined transport and fast supply chain management,
    Competence in railway research, training and certification and having a voice in the world,
    The railway lines and connections in the Straits and Gulf crossings are completed and become an important railway corridor between the continents of Asia-Europe and Africa.
    Updating the legal and structural legislation regarding the regulation of railway transport activities in line with the international and EU legislation,
    It is aimed to equip the railway network with intelligent transportation systems integrated with other public transportation vehicles.

When we look at Turkey's target 2023 Rail Transport System and the total value of infrastructure projects with urban transport systems it is around USD 100 together.

With the support policies of our Government for domestic production, the Ministry of Industry Cooperation Program (Offset) regulation, and the industrial strategies such as import product substitution, 2023 billion which is at least% 100 of 51 billion USD which will be auctioned until 51 in our Rail Transport Systems We need to bring USD to our national economy and compete in international markets by introducing international brands in Rail Transportation Systems. Rail Transport System in Turkey has achieved this atmosphere. Our national brands have started to come out one by one and with the support of our state, our national brands are ready to serve the whole country instead of foreign vehicles and to go to the international markets.

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