The attention of the railway officer saved lives

The attention of the Railroad Officer Saved Life: In Aydın, a woman wished to get depressed and wanted to die in the middle of the night.

A woman who wanted to die in a depression in Aydın in the middle of the night was rescued by the attention of the railway officer. The train was stopped when the woman waiting on the railroad insisted on not leaving the road. After the woman was persuaded, the freight train continued on its way.

According to the information obtained, the lady Efeler, who had a protection order before and was depressed due to domestic troubles and whose name was not disclosed, started to wait for the freight train that would pass at midnight by sitting on the railway passing through the district center. When the level crossing attendant who saw the lady waiting for the train on the Atatürk Boulevard level crossing could not persuade the woman who said 'I want to die' from the rails, she managed to contact the train and stopped the train, on the other hand, she called the police and asked for help. After being taken over the rails, convinced by the police teams who came to the scene, she continued on the train route waiting for the lady to leave.

It was learned that she had been subjected to violence from her husband and had previously been in police protection. The police launched an investigation into the incident.



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