Train waiting for train at metro station pushed on rails

At the metro station, trains waiting on the train were pushed into the rails: a person who was on the tracks was detained in a train station in North London's Kentish Town subway station.

The passenger waiting for the train on the Northern Line line of the subway station in Kentish Town was pushed from behind and rolled onto the rails. Passengers waiting in the same place in the horror of the incident after the air ambulance removed from the hospital was learned that the wounds of the passengers to change the life of the wounds. The images of the attacker who was wanted for the crime of attempted murder were distributed to the public and the media.

British Transpor Police in the evening in the statement made by a person in the Colindale region of 29, a police station by request by requesting information about the incident was announced. This person was taken into custody and the questioning continued. In the statement of the police, the public and media organs who were sensitive to the issue were thanked.


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