Olympos Teleferik in Maintenance

Olympos Teleferik in care: This year in Kemer 220 over a thousand visitors to the summit of the mountain Tahtalı Olympos Teleferik was taken care of. Maintenance work started yesterday, the 5 will end in December.

Since its opening, Olympos Teleferik carried hundreds of thousands of local and foreign tourists from all over the world to the summit. Safety is the first priority of the cable car taking attention to the first General Director of Olympos Teleferik Haydar Gümrükçü, 30 November-5 XNUMX operations will take place between December, and during that time the ropeway can not serve, saying: öncelik Our priority is always security. The safety of our guests is our priority. For this reason, we carry out periodic maintenance Bu.

With the team from Switzerland, the maintenance works carried out by the Olympos Teleferik technical team are carried out on the 65 track posts and lines. Daily, monthly, yearly and 5 annual periodical maintenance is provided with safe travel.

On the other hand, reaching the peak of 2365 mt, Olympos Teleferik is among the longest ropeways in the world with its 4 bin 350 meter line. Olympos Teleferik takes passengers from the lower station to the top of the 2 thousand 365 meters in about ten minutes. Olympos Teleferik, since its launch in 2007, has brought hundreds of thousands of domestic and foreign tourists from all over the world to the top.



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