It has been decided that EIA is not required for Mahmutbey - Bahçeşehir - Esenyurt Metro Line

Istanbul BB Mahmutbey - Bahçeşehir - Esenyurt Metro Line Project EIA is not required decision has been made

New developments have been made regarding the "Mahmutbey - Bahçeşehir - Esenyurt Metro Line Project" of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.
Investments MagazineAccording to the information received by; It was decided that an EIA is not required for the project in question.
The cost of the project is 2.211.600.000 TL (970.000.000 $). The line will be 9 km long. The duration of the project including the test periods is 16,04 year, the construction phase is planned to be given 4 hours and the operation phase is scheduled for 24 hours per day. No blasting will be carried out in the process of forming the tunnel route and drilling will be carried out by drilling method (CPC or NATM) and open / close method. Excavation will be regularly moved to storage areas.
Reference: Investments 1261 / 07 December 2015


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