The biggest share in Kocaeli budget was allocated for transportation

The biggest share in Kocaeli budget was allocated for transportation: Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Council held the last meeting of 2015 at Leyla Atakan Cultural Center Şefik Postalcıoğlu Conference Hall. 12 budgets of Metropolitan and 2016 district municipalities were accepted at the meeting.

Speaking at the parliament, Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu said, “1,9% of our 2016 budget of 45,2 billion TL was allocated to investment. In the investment, the biggest share will be spent on transportation ”.

145 items were discussed at the December parliamentary meeting. After the negotiations on the budgets of the metropolitan and district municipalities, the 2016 budget of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality was accepted as 1 billion 900 million TL. Addressing the members of the council, Karaosmanoğlu said, "May the budgets of all district municipalities and the Metropolitan be instrumental in beneficial services.

Karaosmanoğlu said, “We have a budget of 1 billion 900 million TL. We allocate the biggest investment from the budget to transportation. I am talking about all of them including roads, intersections, trams and metro, we allocate 45.2% of our total budget, that is 859 million TL, to investment. There is an increase compared to the previous years. The people of Kocaeli can be sure that with every penny we spend, we observe the rights of the orphans, we do not waste even a Turkish Lira. It is a budget made to increase the standard of living in Kocaeli. Its application will be like this. We have important duties in setting goals and reaching goals. Our citizens approve of our investments in the strongest way, the biggest inspector is our people. We inform our people and council members in detail. We have nothing secret, "" he said.

The transfer of 5 workplaces owned by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality to Antikkapı A.Ş. was accepted despite the opposition. Making a statement about the cancellation of the Barter Protocol between the Machinery and Chemical Industry Corporation, Karaosmanoğlu said, “They asked us for 140 decares of land. They also wanted construction and it was determined that it cost 30 million TL. That's why we gave up ”he said. The agenda item was accepted despite opposition.

Speaking about the 2016 fiscal year performance program on the agenda of the Assembly, CHP Group Deputy Chairman Hüseyin Yılmaz said, “It is anticipated that half of the tram line will be finished in 2017 in transportation services. At the time of signing the tender, the deadline was set as February 6, 2017. "Performance report and statements do not match."

CHP member Yılmaz said, “The disabled cannot live in the city. Mandatory regulation has been imposed on municipalities by law. The law shows that they should be allowed to travel without barriers. No municipality has done this in the last 10 years. They need to be independent equal citizens, ”he said.

Saying that the municipality could not do anything at the transportation point built from the sea, Yılmaz said, “The number of passenger transport is very dire. It does not give due importance by the municipality. It has been announced that sea transportation cannot be made in the Izmit Bay. Considering the numbers and contradictory words in sea transportation, service was not given importance. We have remained the backyard of Istanbul. Important steps are being taken towards becoming an industrial city. Our future has been slaughtered ”he said.

Saying that the municipality officials ignored the report we prepared on the tram, Yılmaz said, “We will see this in time. In addition, the traffic has become inextricable due to the 41 Mall. There is no shopping mall in any city center. It must be far from the center of the city. In addition, Syrians are increasing in the city. The problem cannot be left only to the central government. No planning has been made for the solution of this problem. Considering the municipal budget, it is called service year. There is only a tram in the project. It is only 51 percent. Therefore, we do not look positively, ”he said. After the speeches, although the opposition gave a negative vote, it was accepted with the votes of AKP supporters.

Regarding the 2016 fiscal year budget of the Koocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, CHP Group Deputy Chairperson Hüseyin Yılmaz said, “No expenditures were made in line with the purpose. Science Works are not involved in new investments. Computer spending was made as a new investment in the budget. We are not saying they should not do it. You cannot write this as an investment. There should be a budget of 1 Billion 360 Million TL. It is not clear where 540 Million TL will be spent. We live in this city. First of all, the duty of supervision falls on us. The Court of Accounts reports need to be shared with the members of the parliament ”. Yilmaz from the CHP concluded his speech by saying that we cannot approve the budget in this state.

Greater than 1.9 Billion TL
Izmit Municipality 180 Million TL
Kandıra Municipality 14 Million TL
Gebze Municipality 235 Million TL
Kartepe Municipality 76 Million TL
Derince Municipality 78 Million TL
Başiskele Municipality 98 Million TL
Darica Municipality 140 Million TL
Dilovası Municipality 80.2 Million TL
Çayırova Municipality 89 Million TL
Körfez Municipality 150 Million TL
Gölcük Municipality 72.3 Million TL
Karamürsel Municipality 30.5 Million TL

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