Kartalkaya enters the year with artificial snow

Kartalkaya enters the New Year with artificial snow: Bolu's ski center Kartalkaya has been filled with artificial snow due to the lack of snow in recent days, while Christmas holiday reservations have reached one hundred percent in hotels.

In Karkaya, at the summit of the Köroğlu Mountains, the 'artificial snow system' has been put into operation due to the insufficient amount of snow in the ski. Thanks to artificial snow systems installed at high costs by hotels, snow thickness on the tracks reached 1 meter. Thanks to the system operated at night, holidaymakers enjoyed skiing in sunny weather on snow-covered tracks. Some holidaymakers also snowboarded on the tracks. Some holidaymakers slipped with their children.

New Year's rezarvosyan in 5 hotels in Kartalkaya is completely filled. The face of the operators in hotels, which have reached a XNUMX percent occupancy rate, also laughed with the anticipation of snowfall at the beginning of the year. Yusuf Avcı, General Manager of Dorukkaya Hotel, said that the tracks were made ready for ski enthusiasts with artificial snow. Avcı said:

“Thanks to our artificial snow systems, ski lovers glide smoothly on the tracks. In the tracks filled with artificial snow, the snow thickness increased to about 1 meter. We reached 100 percent occupancy rate on New Year's Eve. Our New Year's reservations were completed in our two hotels in the ski center. We will have a nice and fun night for our customers. ”