Infrastructure works on İzmit tramway route continue

Infrastructure works continue on the Izmit tram line route: Infrastructure works for the tram line, which will be the first city rail in the city, will continue in the Yahya Kaptan district of Kocaeli.

The works of Akçaray tram project, which is implemented by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department, are underway. Infrastructure works continue on Yahya Kaptan Salkım Sogut Street and Hanli Street where the route passes. The infrastructure is located in the middle of the road and the tramway line will be crossed.

In the infrastructure works of the project, drinking water, rain water, natural gas and electricity lines are being rearranged. Work is carried out carefully to prevent damage to natural gas lines. In Salkım Söğüt Street, rainwater and drinking water applications are applied. So far 300 meter infrastructure work was carried out.

Salkım Söğüt street which is closed to traffic due to the infrastructure works and Khanlı street transportation are provided by alternative means. Citizens residing on the street and street which are closed for transportation are Necip Fazıl, Sarı Mimoza and Yağmur street; Saymen (Terminal) street Bedesten street can be reached by using its routes.

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