Good News to Haydarpasa Train Station

Haydarpasa Train Station Good News: Haydarpasa Train Station is nearing the end of the fight. The station will be restored in accordance with its original and trains will be in the gates of the Ministry of Transport.

10 has been coming to an end in the ongoing struggle for Historic Haydarpaşa Station for years. Non-governmental organizations and the public have carried out many actions in order to ensure that the historical station is only used in accordance with its original use and not to be opened to rent. Haydarpaşa Gar Project's rant-oriented scientists who have countless objections.

Cancel Trade Areas

Following the gospel that will be restored in accordance with the original, details of the new plans prepared by the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications began to emerge. In the new plans, trains will enter the station again. Many of the planned areas in the region were canceled.

The project was prepared by the General Directorate of State Railways in September last year about the historical Haydarpasa Train Station, which was completely destroyed by the suspicious fire at 2010. Kadıköy Municipality has not granted the license to the project which has been added to the cafeteria and elevator to open the door to the hotel. After a year, the General Directorate of the State Railways Administration took a step back to the historical garage and prepared a new restoration project. The Municipality of Kadikoy has also licensed this project.

Now, the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, civil society organizations, scientists and the people's 10 struggles for years. According to the information obtained within the scope of the new plans, the trains will be returned to the historical market and many commercial areas will be canceled.

New plans await approval

Sharing the contents of the new zoning plans with our newspaper, İBB and Hüseyin Sağ, who are members of the CHP council of Kadıköy Municipality, said: Trains will turn into the station. AVM will not be made. State Railways, housing, buildings, hangars and trees will be protected. The garage, which is closed to rail transportation, will be able to return to its former glory days with the new project. Amphitheater can be constructed by Kadıköy Municipality. The struggle gives fruit. The organizations and organizations that made the plan realize how wrong the first plans are and revise the plan. New plans are available in digital environment and are awaiting approval. After approval, meetings should be organized and opinions should be taken.

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