Haserek Ski Resort Winter Ready

Haserek Ski Resort Ready for Winter: Bingöl Governor Yavuz Selim Köşger, Hasin Ski Center, consisting of a hotel building with 34 meters and a hotel building with 600 bed runway, teleski, chairlift and baby lift sections located at the summit of Mount Haserek near Dik village at 70 kilometers to the city center. ni examined.
Governor Köşger, who visited the mountains covered with snow in the 6 month of the year, was appointed as the Provincial Gendarmerie Regiment Commander Colonel Hakan Bayer, Deputy Governor Muhammed Fuat Türkman, Provincial Police Director Süleyman Pamuk, Youth Services and Sports Director Erdal Arıkan and General Secretary of the Special Provincial Administration Mehmet Işık. Accompanied.

Governor Köşger, who made a statement after the examinations at the ski facility, whose tender was held in 2011, said, “We came to see the final state of the Haserek Ski Center, which was tentatively accepted. An extremely beautiful facility. kazanhas been raised. We spent approximately 15 million TL on our facility. 2 million 600 thousand TL was spent for the arrangement of the last runways. We don't have a minus right now, we're just waiting for it to snow. With the snowfall, we will have brought one of the most beautiful tracks in the country to our city. We are waiting for the people of Bingöl and our university students, high school youth and Bingöl youth to our ski center.”

Governor Köşger stated that the ski resort road was awarded to 3 million TL, and said, ğ We will make the hot asphalt for our ski resort. A pretty nice road with access to be provided here. However, a village in the construction of the province has prevented the service of the province, the peasants did not give the material could not make the tender, in front of us in the spring as a hot asphalt will do, '' he said.

Governor Köşger replied to the question of yan Did the terrorist events cast a shadow on this investment? Yan by a journalist:
Ş We will end the terror, God willing. We are trying not to allow terror to cast a shadow over here. In Bingol, we want to end the terror event all over the country. The most basic condition for the investment in the city is to ensure complete security in the province. We must ensure that terrorism does not harm our province and these investments. Terör

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