Ski excitement started in Hakkari

The excitement of skiing has started in Hakkari: Merga Butan Ski Center, which has been renewed with investments made under the leadership of Hakkari Governorship, is flooded by Hakkarians, especially during the weekend holidays.

Merga Butane Ski Center, where snow thickness goes up to 1,5 meters after the rainfall last week, hosts many skiing periods during the week and at the weekend.

Having the chance to be sunny on the weekend, the Hakkarians who are flying to the ski resort 12 bin 2 at 800 kilometers away from the city center, also enjoy skiing with skis as well as skis.

Burning a barbecue in the name of the bride, a beautiful day to pass the citizens, social life to the point of ending the terrorist events in a little bit to forget the happiness lives.

Reşit Güldal, Provincial Director of Youth and Sports Services, said that one of the most important social entertainments in Hakkari is skiing.

Stating that the citizens get stressed by skiing with their families on weekends, Güldal said, “This year the snow came a little late. We prepared our track in the first snowfall. Along with the snow falling last weekend, there is now one and a half meters of snow in our ski resort. Our season is, is perhaps one of the longest season in Turkey. "There is the possibility to ski until May 1 in our ski center," he said.

Guldal, the ski center showed great interest to citizens, he continued:

“There is no other entertainment center in Hakkari where people can spend their weekend. We are intensely focused on the ski resort. Our citizens come with their family and have fun all day long. Some of them have a barbecue here, some of them are walking, some of them are sliding with sleds. Our ski center is a boon for Hakkari. ”

It is a very nice place to evaluate the ski resort's weekend if the citizens coming to ski.