The subway is coming

The condition of civilization and civilization is su Road, water, electricity and telephone arlı services. Indeed, Turkey's many years of civilization, the basic characteristics of roads, water, electricity and telephone were starved. Especially our generation goes to the cities on foot, carries the water on their backs, they see the electricity only in the cities, and when they come to the army they meet.

Those days are far away. Especially after the way many villages in Turkey Özal, water, electricity reached. AK Party leader Tayyip Erdogan's double road project has been launched with a major transportation move. There were many roads between cities which became a way of death.

Airways and airports in recent years, giving importance to people to meet the aircraft. Again in the childhood, our generation saw the plane in the air as a bird. Now we are birds and we started to travel between continents with planes. Turkey's're going instead with several aircraft.

The phone is really important. I never forget. The photo of the phone in the soldier with the handset still adorns my album. Now we use all the possibilities of mobile phones, smart phones, internet and information technologies. We were able to print a photo of the newspaper in Istanbul, at least three days. Now we are delivering news with live broadcasts. Great development Muhteşem

While we use all means of transportation and communication, we are experiencing great traffic problems in big cities like Gebze. It is not possible to travel by car when the weather is a bit rainy in the city. The biggest problem of workers is the traffic problem. The traffic is crashing every day. In the near future, we will look for these days. Existing roads will not respond to Gebze's growth and will be completely bankrupt. A solution to the transportation problem should be sought as soon as possible and the transportation plans of 2023 should be made.

In the Gebze region, the government has significant investments in infrastructure and transportation. These investments are very important. Gulf Transit Bridge, highways, high-speed train, light rail transportation, connection with Istanbul subway, transportation problem between Izmit and Gebze, Gebze 3. The most important projects are the high-speed train line that will connect you to the airport. I share detailed information about these projects with you.

Mayor Köşker said in his statement; M The work is going on quickly. Already the normal duration was 25 December. 25 will be over after December. I hope it ends like this. Citizens of these two sides experienced in both Darıca as well as the traffic in the neighborhood of the neighborhood will be relieved. These people had to enter the city to enter the two districts. Now you'll be scattered into two neighborhoods without going into the city. The side connection roads will be finished along with the bridge interchange. Kö With the completion of this project, the Anibar Junction project, which Gebze people had been waiting for, will start. Üs There was a serious traffic problem from Osmangazi Bridge to Beylikbağı. This place will be relieved here. Anibal project will start after this. We didn't allow the two to have traffic at the same time. December will also begin as Anibal. The side roads will be one way after the room is finished. Therefore, the flow of traffic in the city will also be greatly relieved Dolayısıyla.

Citizens who see the rail system and demand easy transportation in cities such as Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir have been deceived by the politicians of Kocael for years. The city will finally reach the rail transport. Eagle Kadıköy metro will be extended to Gebze.

The Gebze-Orhangazi-İzmir (Izmit Gulf Crossing and Connection Roads) Motorway Project, which is tendered by the General Directorate of Highways under the Build-Operate-Transfer model, covers the 384 kilometer, including the 49 kilometer highway and the 433 kilometer linkage road. 89, Gebze-Gemlik and 81 in Gebze-Orhangazi-Bursa section, and 74 in Kemalpaşa-İzmir section of the Gebze-Gemlik region, where the construction works are going on, has been realized in the whole of the giant project including 50. The project is expected to be completed in April.

As a result there is no way in civilization. The road is civilization and everything. The time we spent in traffic is a lifetime file. The biggest problem of our region is transportation and road. We believe that this period of transportation problem is solved.

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