Eskisehir YHT Underground Crossing Landscape Project

📩 07/12/2018 17:59

Eskişehir YHT Underground Crossing Landscape Project: Mayor of Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality. Dr. Yılmaz Büyükerşen, High Speed ​​Train (YHT) Underground Crossing made on the area and made a statement about the unfinished landscape project.

Büyükerşen, in his statement, the regulation developed outside the previously discussed projects and drew attention to the demands of Eskişehir residents. Büyükerşen said, “The project to bring the railway underground had two purposes that would benefit Eskişehir. Two main benefits were envisaged to subterranean railroads built by the Germans in the 1890, dividing the residential areas in the north and south of the city through the middle of the city. The first one is to prevent the traffic flow from the North and South to the city center by cutting through the level crossings and closing these passageways with barriers due to the train maneuvers, and the second, by entering the railway road into the tunnel and transforming the tunnel into a wide boulevard in the east-west direction. was great ease of transportation. This request of Eskişehir was justified and the Ministry of Transportation was included in the program. In this project, the entrance of the train to the underground would start behind the Sugar Factory and at the end of the city it would rise above the ground at the end of Çamlıca Quarter. As in many countries of Europe and the world, boarding and landing would be underground, and the new station building, which will be built by the Sugar Factory, would be climbing up and down with escalators. But unfortunately, the project was degenerated because we think it was the result of a deputy's directing on the bureaucrats of the Ministry of Transport and FDI General Directorate. ”

Büyükerşen defended that the project should be stopped as soon as possible and action should be taken to implement the original planned form. Rağmen Despite our warnings at that time, this degraded project was put into practice. In order to correct this situation and make the project as it should be delayed, the former President Abdullah Gül stepped in and briefed on the satellite photographs during the visit of our Mayor to the State Railways (DDY). ) General Manager Süleyman karaman was warned. In spite of all these reasons, instead of this rational and useful project, FDI has read its own knowledge and instead of a boulevard that will relieve the traffic on the grounds that the boulevard should be owned by itself, the ugly concrete piles that have emerged under the name of a sightseeing area landscape project have been made. The work to be done now would be the most wise practice of eliminating these concrete piles and turning them into a wide boulevard with green sides. Otherwise, Eskisehir will have missed a great opportunity. ”

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