UTIKAD President Erkeskin Speaks at the Seminar on Cooperation and Investment in the Flemish Region of Belgium

Erkeskin, Belgium Flemish Region Cooperation and Investment Seminar in Talks: Foreign Economic Relations Board (DEIK) Turkey - Belgium-Turkey Business Council, organized by the Flemish Region and Investment Cooperation Seminar was held in Istanbul.

Speaking at the seminar UTIKAD President and Chairman of the Business Council of DEIK Logistics Erkeskin Turgut, Turkey is not only a Logistics Transfer Center, he said that logistics is a strong investment partner for developing countries.

Foreign Economic Relations Board (DEIK) Turkey - Belgium-Turkey Business Council, which was organized by the Flemish Region Cooperation and Investment Seminar discussed issues of cooperation between the two countries.

Foreign Economic Relations Board of Turkey-Belgium Business Council President Ayse Ozlem Gokce and the Belgian Consul General Henri seminar began with Vantieghem opening speech, UTIKAD President and DEIK Logistics Business Council Turgut Erkeskin also transfer information related to Turkish logistics sector.

Turkey, indicating in recent years, the trade volume between increasing trade volume in parallel to Turkey and Belgium they were pleased by the increase Erkeskin, "Our countries among our trading volume with $ 2009 billion in 4.2, 2014, increased to $ 6.8 billion. Turkey's 17th largest import and export partner is the 14th case. Belgium's direct investments between 2002 and 2014 are more than $ 7.4 billion. According to these data, the Belgian company said that explore the potential of Turkey, "he said.

Erkeskin stated that this steady increase in trade relations in recent years should be carried to logistical cooperations.

Iy The trade and investment potential existing between the two countries should be better evaluated. On one side, stronger transportation infrastructure with countries in the Middle East and Africa market near Turkey, Belgium, which is located on the other side of the gateway to Europe's position in the distant sea. Turkey's position as Belgium's largest partner in the Middle East and the Caucasus, Turkey is opening. In this respect, Turkey is a logistics investment partner as well as a logistics and transport corridor Transfer Center with a key position in the growing power sector. "

New Airport, 3. Bridges and large investments such as the Marmaray pointed out that strengthened drastically Turkey's infrastructure Erkeskin, all strengthening intermodal transport in transport systems and private sector stakeholders both public and necessary in order to improve said he continues to work.

Turgut Erkeskin, in providing more economical and sustainable intermodal transport services between transport modes, UTIKAD's one of the most beautiful examples of investment in Turkey that takes place among the partners of the Greater Anatolia Logistics Organizations Inc. stated. Erkeskin stated that BALO will serve new service points in 2016 in cooperation with Rail Cargo Austria (RCA), one of the major railway supply companies in Europe.

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