Ergan Mountain Ski Resort Ready for Winter

Ergan Mountain Ski Center Ready for Winter: Erzincan Governor Suleyman Kahraman, Ergan Mountain Ski Center studies at the site examined.

Providing information about the works on Ergan Mountain, which was prepared for the winter season and redesigned in the four seasons, Governor Kahraman stated that the facilities renovated at the summit will serve the Erzincans in a decent environment.

Runway length and quality of snow with one of the major ski resorts in Turkey in which Erkan Mountain Ski Center learned that the renovation work at the end point. Governor Suleyman Kahraman, made a visit to get information about the latest work, renewed facilities wishes to be better.

Governor Süleyman Kahraman was accompanied by Deputy Governor Fatih Kaya, Special Provincial Administration officials and the relevant authorities. Governor Kahraman said in his statement ler Ergan Mountain Winter Sports and Nature Tourism Center in the period of snowfall is not enough snow snowing and snow absorptive systems to start the establishment of the work was started. But it was a big investment, so time was not enough. This will continue if the conditions of the season give hand. Prepared for the purpose of preparing a snowstorm with recreational snowtubing and landscaping around the lake.

In order to prevent water leakage in the pond, the membrane works are continuing. Daily facilities were maintained and ready for use. The end of the day trip to the side of the lake on the side of the plant in the work is done, '' he said.

Turkey, which has the longest ski slopes Governor Erkan Mountain Ski Resort Hero, indicating that it is ready, yet said the entry into service of enough snow to ski slopes could not be reached. in the day facilities in visitors to the area with ski like restaurants and the best way to record could benefit Governor Hero of the cafeteria services, the region's spreading events during the year, Turkey and stated it would be in Erzincan the world's attention.