Uzbekistan buys electric locomotive from China

Uzbekistan buys electric locomotives from China: Uzbekistan buys 45 electric locomotives from China for $ 11 million.

In a statement made by the Uzbekistan State Railways Administration, it was reported that the consortium of China's CNTIC and CNR DLRC companies has completed the contract for the delivery of 11 electric locomotives to Uzbekistan, amounting to 45 million dollars.

In the statement, according to the agreement signed between the parties in the year 2014, delivered electric locomotives 42 million dollars of credit provided by China Eximbank, the remaining part of the Uzbekistan State Railways was met with the resources of the company said.

In the statement, it was stated that the locomotives in question will be used on the "Angren-Pap" railway, which is expected to be completed in April 2016 and will connect the Fergana Valley in the east of the country with other regions through the "Kamçık" mountain pass.

Uzbekistan Railways purchased 10 electric locomotives, 200 of which were passenger locomotives, with a total amount of $ 15 million in the last 49 years.

The electrification of 60 kilometers of the 80-kilometer railway in Uzbekistan, where 4.200 percent of the freight transportation in the country and 2.000 percent of the international transportation is carried out by rail, is aimed. Half of the targeted electrification in this area in the country is complete.

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