DHL, China-Turkey rail link plays with the New Silk Road

DHL, China-Turkey rail link plays with the New Silk Road: The first time it was completed on the new railway line will carry cargo between China and Turkey. Thanks to this connection realized by DHL Global Forwarding, a freight train departing from China will be able to reach Istanbul in the day. This line, designed as a cheaper alternative to sea transportation, is a turning point in the attempt to revive the hat New Silk Road “between China and Europe.

Air, sea and overland transport, DHL Global leader in the world was the opening of new railway freight forwarding established between China and Turkey. The first time on the line was completed last week and the cargo was delivered.

Thanks to this line, the cargos departing from Lianyungang city of China will pass through Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Georgia and will arrive in Istanbul under normal conditions within 14 days. Caspian Sea and Black Sea via the cargo after this trip, including two transit, highway to Turkey through any city will be able to deliver quickly.

In this connection, prepared for emergencies and Azerbaijan, Georgia and it will be supported by land transport from Turkey to handle.

Fast and economical alternative

DHL Global Forwarding Turkey General Manager Teoman Beyazit, "compared to cheaper air transport, maritime transport compared to the quicker we aim to offer a new alternative in this service to China-Turkey line. Our customers will have many advantages such as strengthening supply chains, reaching the market faster and reducing logistics costs with this alternative train service. ”

The project marks a critical turning point in the için One Generation, One Way ticari initiative, which China initiated to strengthen transportation networks and trade links with the West and is expected to generate more than $ 2.5 trillion in total over the next decade.

"The trade between China and the countries along the Silk Road has grown by an average of 19 percent annually over the past decade," said Steve Huang, CEO of DHL Global Forwarding China. These commercial relations, which already have a very high volume, will progress further thanks to the Single Generation, One Way initiative. China, Turkey's imports was the second country in position, the EU is Turkey's largest export market. Lianyungang-new like Istanbul corridor connection with Turkey's strategic importance and economic development will further improve, "he said.

This railway line was implemented in the framework of a memorandum of understanding between DHL Global Forwarding and Kazakhstan's railway operator Temir Zholy Express (KTZ Express), which was signed earlier on the strengthening of railway connections between Europe and China via Kazakhstan.

The Silk Road revives

The Lianyuangang-Istanbul line is the L Southern Corridor idor of DHL Global Forwarding's multi-model transport links between Asia and Europe. The North and West Corridors, where DHL Global Forwarding serves with three lines, were finally expanded to connect Taiwan and Europe via China.

Deutsche Post DHL Global Forwarding belonging to the group of companies, employs more than 12 400 in the office with serving in the international transport sector in Turkey. DHL Global Forwarding, which serves in container, project cargo, warehousing and customs clearance fields, is the world leader with value added logistics services.



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